Fly-Eye Aspheric Lens Array

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials



"Back home again I want to take a minute just to say that the stay at Nanotech was once again very pleasant.   We had a very good training and also the circumstances at Nanotech were very pleasant.  Bernie is a very good trainer. He always met us at our point of experience and pushed our limits. Also I want to say best thanks for the very quick handling of the whole project. I enjoyed the stay at Nanotech very much and hope that we will see you soon again.

"I write this unsolicited, and do so in thanks and appreciation.

I would like to make sure the credit is given to those due, and that Moore Nanotech knows (from my perspective as a customer of more than 11 years) that you guys truly have an “A-Team” of employees. We have been doing business with Nanotech since 2005, and over the years we have accomplished some amazing feats of diamond turning, some of which would have been impossible without the support and attention to detail that you have provided.

I am highly impressed with the continued evolution of Nanotech and its commitment to developing new technology, all while innovating solutions for each unique challenge your ever growing customer base presents. It is also very clear, represented by the actions of its staff, that the company embraces to its core the continued support and service for years beyond delivery of the original hardware.

I’m sure you guys get this all this time, but I would like to take a moment to personally thank Tom and Len, Samrad, Jeff, Jake and Jim for everything. From the suggestions on where to eat and places to see, to tips on diamond turning, training, and taking the extra time to answer all of my questions, you have all made this a very fun experience.

Samrad and Jeff Johnson have this stuff down. Both have a tremendous wealth of machine and diamond turning knowledge, I’m envious and humbled by their level of understanding in precision manufacturing. Jake is a fantastic guy, well rounded and an incredibly hard worker – very dedicated, with a drive to wring out the upmost performance of these machines. Jim, I didn’t get to spend too much time with, but I’m grateful that he stayed the extra day and made sure everything was ship shape before heading home this past Saturday.

In closing, your continued dedication allows us to push the envelope further and further every year, while largely making our job easy!"

"I must thank you and the whole Moore team for their hospitality and patiance thru my visit.  It was a very fun and educational experience.  You guys certainly know precision machining and everyone there could double as tour guides.  It made for a memorable trip.  Back to the grind today, we can't wait to put the machine into use and see what we can do!"

"Thanks for all the information.  We will try to set tools the way you said.  At the moment, we can cut inserts without problems.  Russell's visit was fruitful and the guys have set the spray nozzle the way he told them to which will improve part surface finish.  I couldn't spend much time with him unfortunately as I was helping with other prototype testing.  But I believe the technicians had plenty of questions to ask and Russell also did a bit of maintenance on our lathe which was a bonus.  Anyway, thanks a lot for your support.  It's good to know that Nanotech assistance doesn't stop once the machine has been bought!

"I'm very excited to try some larger parts on the new machine.  I have been running some of our weird jobs thru it and it's running like a champ, everything from micro hex lens arrays to off axis torics (45 lbs in normal work spindle mode) and freeforms.  The other Moore machines we have are great, but the NanoSMART machine runs and feels like it's better than anything in the room.  I'm really quite pleased with it."

"Had an amazing time here in Keene.  The hotel was warm and clean.  The staff were friendly especially the dog.  This place is beautiful and the locals so friendly especially in shops and eateries and the folks training us at Nanotech have made it an absolute pleasure to learn.  9 hour days flew by and they brought us lunch every day.  Will be sad to leave.


"Great teaching and the people at Nanotech were all very kind and helpful, regardless of how small a problem might be." 


"Thank you for making Eric's trip possible.  Eric cleaned up a ton of lingering issues on our old 350UPL, fixed a number of current problems, and installed a bunch of upgrades.  Eric is awesome particularly when it comes to diagnosing and solving problems quickly and efficiently.  Great job Eric!  I'm using the machine today and loving the NanoMETER.  Can't believe I waited this long to get that.  I really appreciate your ongoing support of our program!!"


"I just want to thank you for the good service you performed.  It was quick and you did a very good job on all of our machines. Everything is in good shape."


“Hi Mitch, I’m sure you likely hear this often – We’re very pleased with the service visit from your service engineer.  Our Diamond Turning Supervisor turned to me after your engineer left and said “I just know everything was done 100% right with that guy on the job.”  We are all very impressed with your service engineer’s dedication and work ethic.  He put in several long days here (a 12 hour day yesterday) without any standing around, complaining, chit chatting, or downtime for personal business.  We are confident the machine will perform very well for us now that he has been here.  You’ve got a very solid guy representing your company in the field.  We’ve always been impressed with your entire team.  This service engineer is without a doubt an all-star on that team.”


“Dear Friends:  We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your kindness. Our training was extremely worthwhile and we have learned a lot of from you. In particular, we want to thank Bernie for his supervision and we have spent a lot of happy time with him, we really enjoyed the training. We want to thank Samrad for his consideration, help, and for him to take care of everything for us. We want to thank Bob who explained everything patiently for us. Finally we want to thank Len for his care and special dinner. Also, he has an excellent team and he is the brightest boss with strong leadership skill. We wish we had joined his team. We would like to pay back your hospitality if you come to visit.  Keep in touch.”



 “From what I understand from Dick, the Nanotech 450UPL-HD machines are excellent and everything has gone very well. For that to happen shows a lot of good workmanship and attention to detail from all of your people.”


“Andy, Just want to follow up with a compliment for your brilliant solution to our PMAC run time error. Since implementing the software change, we have not experienced an interrupted cutting cycle to date. This has done wonders for our unusual products & sanity. Thanks again!”


“Tom / Mitch Thank you both for supporting us on this project – plus Chris and the rest of the Nano staff! It's nice to know you are in the background when we're faced with situations that are beyond our combined means for coming up with a solution!  Quite frankly, this is one of the principle reasons why all of our DT capabilities are Nanotech based.”


“Taylor, I am writing you about the diffractive program for the smaller lens you sent me. You can see (in the attached file) the measurement of the diffractive surface is perfect. That's why I would like to thank you for your co-operation and big help about creation of this program! With your big help, I succeed to measure this diffractive surface!  I hope to work with you and Nanotech for the future! Thank you very, very much again!”


“Andy, thank you again for all of your assistance.  You and your guys come through and it is very much appreciated."



"Greg has completed the retrofit and I just wanted to say what a great job you all did.  The level of preparation and professionalism was outstanding."


"Steffen, I want to say thank you again for staying late and working the long hours throughout the entire week so that we could complete our goal of patterning the two drums! Our successful results would not have been possible had you not put forth the discretionary effort and extraordinary commitment. Giving up your personal time demonstrates a special character that is not often recognized – and from my perspective — this was the difference between our success and failure! As you well know, had we not stayed late on Thursday evening to witness the first pass, we would have lost the ability to pattern the second drum! Lastly, as always, it is a pleasure working with you."


“Thank you for your email. We enjoy the beginning of summer and the Nanotech 450UPL as well. The machine performance and the technical support is very good as I knew that it would be. The contact with your team is very important for us and we definitely will be in touch whenever it is needed. I appreciate it.”


“It's been a few years since I've taken the time to thank you for your services, which have been and continue to be integral to our success in the tooling arena. That said, I want to send a sincere thanks and kudos out for Suneet, who has been very helpful to me moving forward with NanoCAM. His skill level, availability to help on short notice, and his patience are greatly appreciated.”


“I wanted to personally thank you guys and the rest of the team at Nanotech for the 350FG. The machine is performing great and we are getting some of the best parts off of it already. I also wanted to mention that Andrew did an awesome job. He really represented your company very well.”


“John Lunan took his time, visiting our facility last week while he was in town. John performed a fine tuning the C axis drive on our 450's machine lathe # 12. Our production is really happy with the freeform part result. John also answered our questions on other lathes and flycutter machines. We also thank you for sending the new design Gortite covers for the 700UPF Flycutter. This new design Gortite cover will prevent oil wicks down to the granite table from the X axis slide dovetails. We will install them on the next P.M and give you the feed back.  Moore Nanotech customer service and technical support always listens and puts it customer first. We appreciate Moore Nanotech for great customer service. Please extend our appreciation to John.”


“After one year of hard work we have delivered our first accelerating structure to our customer, you know our copper parts. Last week, after the assembly, they made a RF test.  The first structure is PERFECT!! (they will not have to set it up). Thank you for helping us to start this new technology, and thank you to all employees of Nanotech for the welcome and the friendly support. It's just a fantastic machine, very good job!!”


“For the last one and a half years we've been having a lot of fun with our UPL 250. With the experience we acquired now I have to say, that this machine is one fine piece of engineering art. Also, it never let us down although we put it to some very hard tests”



“As always, we are very pleased with the recent addition/install of our new 250 UPL. Everything went very smoothly, with zero issues, questions or concerns. It is apparent; Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and a great asset to your team as is Pete. Both performed a superb job, upholding the high level of quality, service, and accuracy we have come to know and expect from Moore Nanotech. We look forward to a future of growth, and expanding our business with Moore Nanotech products.” 


“Andreas called me yesterday; actually mainly to say thank you.  He doesn’t feel comfortable to send you an email, so he asked me to forward his impressions.

He was ‘over the moon’ with what he has experienced in Swanzey. He expressed that he was very much impressed by our expertise, know-how and the way we handle and deal with things. And he very much appreciated the time we spent to help him.  He said he wanted to come back as soon as we have time available on a 350FG, because he has some more interesting projects coming up where he needs to learn from us.”


“Just to thank you and your staff for their hospitality during the machine training last week. All three of us enjoyed our time in Keene and were extremely impressed with both the machine and your factory. In particular please extend our thanks to Taylor for a very professional training week and Jeff for giving us a guided tour of his lake.”  


“I am always a few days behind in sending thank you notes and sometimes don’t know all the details just the outcome. We are currently running our Moore machine 24 hrs a day 6-7 days a week. We had our machine down last week at the end of 3rd shift.  Our Maintenance Dept. got in contact with your service department and tried to get the machine to work. Unfortunately the problem was more than what they could work out through the phone. The decision was made to have someone from Moore come and try to fix the issue and within the next 4-5 hours our machine was ready to keep producing lenses. 

I want to take a few minutes of your time to thank you and all your Team for making this happen. This is the service that we expected, but no issue had presented until now. It is always unfortunate when equipment goes down, but how it gets resolved in my opinion can make up for it, and your team really made up for it.  Again, thanks for supporting our Maintenance department and making our jobs easier.“



“As I've mentioned in the past, our Nanotech machines have performed flawlessly. We have not experienced any lost production time with a Nanotech machine period, regardless of age, date ofinstallation, or type of work we are running on the machine.”

“Just a brief note to let you know about the FANTASTIC support we are receiving from your team as we work through a difficult problem solving process.  You should be very proud of the team of professionals you have assembled. Top notch all the way.”


“The trip to Keene was great. The people at Moore were good to us and Taylor's training was excellent.  We're just making the final preparations for the machine to arrive and buying a few tools that came up as potentially useful during training. I think we'll be busy once we're set up here as there's no shortage of ideas for things to cut. I'll let you know if we think of questions.“


“I truly want to address my hearty thanks to your people for their kind hospitality while we were at Nanotech. We were very much impressed by your vision and the achievements you received with your technology.”


“I have been informed of Nanotech’s Service Engineer’s graciousness.  Coupled with the excellent service I have heard about regarding finding / supplying a scale / solution for our 350 UPL issue, I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks.  It is refreshing to experience a company that takes customer service to this level. We are most appreciative and wanted you to know.”


“The most remarkable and excellent service support I have ever seen.”


“I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for all your help over the past several months with our STP file conversion project. I'm very happy to announce that we successfully turned several of these parts after Ni plating last week. Your expert handling of all our concerns, your patience and professionalism, gifted knowledge and experience all worked in concert to make this effort happen. The detailed in depth training you provided was complete and concise. I would also like to thank you for being there every step of the way for us – which is what was promised by Nanotech and which you personally proved and stood by.  I commend you.  On behalf of our entire DT team here, a very special thanks to you and all the Nanotech team. Excellent job – well done!!!“


“I want give my special thanks to you for the excellent training we received last week by Steffen Schneider. I think my specialist got a lot of information about using NanoCAM, the fast tool unit, and all features of our machines. We did a lot of test parts and programming examples, which will help us in the future to use our 250 and 350 very effectively.”


“We just sat together with David, Daniel and Berthold for a 'wrap-up' meeting on the GPM-065 installation. We can conclude that the installation worked out perfect! It is not usual that a delivery and installation date is defined and the machine is really delivered and installed on that day and also running. Thank you for this.”



“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with our new machine and the training provided by the employees of Nanotech.  I spent most of my time with Randy, an employee you should be extremely proud to call a member of your team.  His knowledge of not only the product you produce, but of the process used to create optical elements is outstanding.  He was able to allay my fears of having to “convert” my processes from my past experiences, and had me up and running very quickly with our new 450UPL.  He was responsive to all my questions and concerns, both technical and other (like where to get a good meal!) and did a great job introducing my fellow employee to diamond turning.   We also spent a good amount of time with Bob and Jeff, who provided top-notch service and hospitality.  They are an integral part of the well-oiled machine called Moore Nanotechnology.  Again, all my issues and concerns were resolved in short order with outstanding response time.  There were 2 occurrences where I requested if a modification to the machine were possible.  The first modification was discussed late in the afternoon, and by 8 am the next morning it was installed.  I’ve been in this business for a long time, and response time like that is unheard of.  The second modification has not been implemented yet, but I know that as soon as the part is in stock, it will be installed for us.

I have complete confidence that we will have all the support we need to be successful in our venture.” 


“I would like to thank you all for your great job. From the first contact until the installation of the machine we always felt very comfortable and never doubted about our decision of purchasing the 350FG. You all are part of a great company and we look forward to further cooperation in the future.  Finally we wish you all the best for 2009.”



“Just a note to thank you, your company and all of your people for the tremendous assistance you have given to us. Every one in your organization, from your people who answer your phones, your sales staff,  your programmers, engineers, assembly staff, and installations people, have shown courtesy, intelligence and caring in how they handle, not only myself, but, all of my staff who have needed information or assistance.   It is easy for me to see how you all well deserve the recent award you have received from your state.

As to the equipment you have recently sold to us, the new machine has many new features that you have added that we would applaud your group for creating. We were able to start using the new FG machine immediately with the assistance of Eric and John.  They did a tremendous job of resolving the issues of adapting our rotary table from our 450 machine to the new FG machine making it into a full 5-axis machine.

I would like to extend a wish for a happy holiday season to you and all of your staff and lets hope that we all have a very happy new year as we face whatever is about to come from the current economic crisis we all must face.”


“I've said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe you guys are building the best diamond turning machines in the world, the quality and performance is truly amazing. To hold the tolerances we do day in and day out, year after year speaks for the machine.”


“It looks as though 11/14/08 will be my final day working in the diamond turning industry. I want to thank you for all your help over the past few years. I have enjoyed meeting all of you, and have learned something of value on every visit to your facility. You're fortunate that I don't reside in the Keene area or I'd be like one of those nuisance kids, always knocking on your door looking for a job. Moore Nanotech has been the best company that I have ever dealt with and companies are nothing more than the sum of the people they employ. I wish you all the best.”



“Just wanted to let you guys know the new machine is running excellent, thanks for all the support.” 


“We greatly appreciate the excellent job that Bob and Mike did to get our copper demonstration part machined on such short order. We owe you big time! We are giving a proposal to the Defense Science Board in Arlington today and the part your guys made will really make an impression.” 


“After three busy days I have prepared everything for installation, and I think it's time to say THANK YOU. Stefan and I really enjoyed our stay at Keene and especially at Moore. It was a very interesting training where we could learn everything about the 250UPL and about Nanotech in general. Also your team spirit we were able to feel was a very good experience. I think this is the beginning of a very good cooperation between our company and Nanotech. I hope to see you again and wish you a very good and successful time.”


“I want to thank you and your team again for your support during recent machine installation and retrofit work. Daniel worked diligently through the weekend to complete tasks at hand.  He was professional, patient and very capable, although in my opinion overloaded considering the workload and timelines.

Mitch wrapped things up.  A comment on Mitch's work ethic and expertise:  IMPRESSIVE. 

We're all happy with the work accomplished and Moore's continuing support.  I appreciate the effort, and considering the additional and unplanned repairs made to NT3, am very pleased.  Keep up the good work – and pressure the NanoCAM team to deliver (more).”


“It's not in my nature to blow trumpets. However the work we have done recently on 3D diffractives has been quite challenging and I am really proud of the results we have achieved.I would like to share a communication I have had from our customer on this project:

'Please pass on to your diamond turner that I have made and seen many diamond turned parts in the past and understand the effort that goes into the product. Considering the size of the features and the geometry of some of the product, I put these guys at or near the top of the list for quality vendors.'

I firmly believe a large part of our success is down to the quality and capability of the machines and for that I thank you.” 


“This is to let you know the machine is working excellently and we are getting very good results.  We've had a week to run various operations, and to get to know the machine better. We started with a lens we have never made before, and on top of that it was a lens we could not properly inspect on our metrology. So naturally we had problems, and at the time I couldn't tell what the problems were, so I hesitated in writing you since I couldn't verify that the machine was in fact working properly. Well it turns out all the problems were on our end: programming issues, and generally being unfamiliar with the machine and the lens we were attempting to make. After a couple of phone calls to Mitch, everything was resolved and we started flying thru the lenses without a hitch.

Our next endeavor was to run a production job of acrylic lenses, something we've made hundreds of in the past. The setup on the Moore was easy, and the surface quality was superior to what we were accustomed to getting on our other machines. In fact, normally when we run these parts on the other machines we have to re-run 30 to 50 percent of the pieces because the optical surface ends up having flaws. On the Moore however, we have run over 100 pieces and not a single one has needed to be re-cut, and with the chiller in use there is no such thing as a center defect.  And these parts are all running in spec with a deviation callout @ submicron.

Everything is working great, and the results are the best we have ever seen in this department. The air-blast part removal attachment gets used constantly, and the design and placement are easy to use and increase efficiency. Thank you for the small chuck which was drilled out and helicoiled to match our existing fixture configuration. We've had a backlog of lenses to ship out, and everything you guys have done has made it a lot easier.

All the best to you, and thank you so much for all your help.”


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the start-up of our 450UPL last month.  “June” has been working great since the start-up.  We look forward to seeing “Johnny” (our FG) later this month in Keene. Your service engineers, Dan and Eric, were competent, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  Our president had the chance to take them to dinner and has remarked more than once since then what great guys they are.  Obviously, either one of them is welcome back at our facility.”


“We are glad to hear you enjoyed your time at our facility; it was a pleasure for us. For the machine set-up and the training on the machine we thank you very much. It was a helpful and profitable time for us.  Up to now we are very pleased with the results we achieved on the machine and with the machine itself.”



“Please tell everyone at Nanotech that we are very impressed with our machine. The level of professionalism and hospitality shown to us during our time at Nanotech was superior. The machine quality is exceptional and only proves we made the right decision with our purchase. Thank you to all the employees at your company.”


“Please thank everyone for their extra efforts to get our machines on the truck and shipped on time. I apologize for the mix-up with the trucking company and we really appreciate the extra effort by everyone at Nanotech. I hope everyone had a great time at the Christmas party. The buy-off went very well and we are very pleased with the performance of the machines and the new NFTS.” 


“Having safely returned to Taiwan, we had a wonderful time at Nanotech for the advanced training, as a result of your excellent arrangements. Thank you for all the effort your team put forth during our stay. The detail explanation on the machine’s operation and showing us the practices to make perfect samples by Todd is very excellent. We very appreciated Dr. Tohme to let us witness the power of NanoCAM. Also, deeply thanks for very nice and warm supporting by Carl. Furthermore, the presentation of your newest development strategy and subsequent discussions in the last day are very informative and important. 

Please convey my appreciation to everyone on your genius staffs. Thanks again for making our training at Nanotechnology Systems a memorable experience.” 


“I want to thank you for the great reception our folks got at your facility during the last two weeks.  They were most appreciative of all the help and attention they received.  It further reinforces my belief that Moore Nanotechnology Systems is the preeminent company in the high precision machine tool business.  Keep up the good work!”


“I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to both Mike and Taylor for doing wonderful work. We are very happy with the efforts and time put in by both Taylor and Mike in making sure that we are able to move on without a hitch and that we can get up to speed in meeting our customers' requirement. Both Taylor and Mike are the best and speak volumes for Moore. We also like to express our thanks to Larry for helping out and be a part of the team that makes it possible for us to move forward.  Thank you all.”


“I know your company will buy DT machine and some facilities soon for making free form. I would like to remark a few points here for your reference.

a) Nanotech 350-FG has very good quality. It is stable and reliable.

b) Nanotech provides very good service to us. We went to Nanotech to buy-off machine. We tested machine all functions there and learn a lot of skills at same time.

c) They not only send Engineer for installing, calibrate machine at beginning but also keep contacting us to know our machine status and problem if there is any.

d) They provide all times technical help if you need. Just send e-mail or make phone calls. They answer customer questions very quick and efficient.

e) Mr. Gavin Chapman (Nanotech representative, in charge of Asia market, gavin@focaldimensions.com) and visits us from a few months to half year. He has rich DT experience and he is a knowledgeable person. He gives us all kinds of information and help to support our DT work.

f) Recently, I got big progress with slow tool servo cutting. I got very nice form and finish (in small off axis sphere test piece. PV is less than 0.3 wave).

g) Recently I made some very nice 3-D free form surfaces for car head lamp project. I would like to show you or your colleagues if you or he/she comes here again.

h) Free form making process is very complicated and a challenging work. It needs a lot of efforts and development work. It is not only DT machine but also machine attachments, DT program, metrology and so on.

I am very happy with Nanotech machine and their services. I confident that our company will make more successful free form parts to meet industry needs.”



“I wanted to tell you that recently Andy Dugrenier helped out our operator with a breakdown of (your competitor’s machine).  It was of great help as we are trying to meet our year end goals and (your competitor) was of little use in solving our problem.  It tells me that the excellent customer service at Nanotech will be a very high consideration when we are purchasing our next machine hopefully in 2006.

Thanks again for a great job.”


“The retrofit of the 600 machine is now complete and we are really pleased with the new control system and the results of the test part. Although Mitch and Todd were here longer than they anticipated they did a great job, working tirelessly to get us back up and running. Pass on our thanks again to Mitch, Todd and Andy for all their hard work.”


“Installation went very well. Todd did an excellent job…one of the best tech guys I've dealt with; Mario said he's a great guy, and I concur. Todd's very educated on the product. Training went good, as we are still learning, but Todd did a great job of providing the basics, and we will need more hands on practice to fully master the new controls. We have been in correspondence with you guys the last couple days to answer our programming questions, and that's going well also. I'm sure we will have additional minor questions relative to customizing/exploiting the windows control, but Nanotech has done great so far.

No problems with the new machines. Everything's OK so far. I personally very much like the windows based control, but I am more PC/windows savvy than the others in the shop, and that issue will just take them a bit of time to resolve as they get the windows practice.”


“Thank you all for your hospitality and help, both professional and personal, during our visit last week. Please also thank the guy, whose name I don't know, who brought the trout and sausage for lunch on Friday. It is clear that you have an exceptional product and an exceptional group of people and we are eager to receive the machine and begin making chips. (small chips, that is.)” 


“I think that I had told you that I promised management here we would have the Nanotech 250UPL machine in production the week after installation, and that did come true!  The results are so good that everyone now has work they want done, and so it has been a very busy couple of weeks.  Our initial results are amazing.”



“We are able to inform you that you have been successful. The decision we arrived at is that your machine is our preferred option, congratulations! Thanks for your co-operation and patience with our incessant demands and queries. It has been a pleasure dealing with yourself and the guys at Keene.”


“The Nanotech 350UPL is great, works every day and night. You are doing excellent job. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”



“We are thankful to Mr. Dwayne, Mr. Miyajima, and you, the staff of Nanotech. 

I checked the completed repair work on the 220UPL, which was performed by Duane Salisbury between March 22nd and March 29th and found it highly complete. Duane Salisbury stayed for one week and we found that he had an inquisitive mind and determination. On March 31st we rechecked the completeness of Mr. Salisbury’s work and again rechecked it several weeks later with satisfaction.

Due to a recent general meeting of shareholders we apologize for our overdue gratitude.”


“Both of us got the opinion, that Mr Oberschmidt is more than satisfied with the equipment he has in house. If he had to decide today he would buy a second Nanotech.”



“You guys make really nice machines, and you should be proud of your work. I always tell people when they ask me about the Subaru I drive….that all my Ferraris are parked in our diamond machining facility….

Thanks again to you and all your colleagues for your support.”


“We continue to be most grateful for all of your help and support in securing our Moore 350 machine.  It is truly a magnificent piece of equipment.  I can say this from first hand experience, as I have had to take on the role of SPDT expert.  I have learned much and grow more confident each day.  I have been able to complete many projects well beyond my true expertise as far as training is concerned.

It is in regard to this last statement that I am writing.  I can assure you that most, if not all of the projects I have been able to successfully complete, would have suffered failure were it not for the dedicated and expert assistance given by one of your employees, Mike Braddock.  Mike has clearly demonstrated his expertise with the workings and programming of the Moore machine, as well as been a tireless support person on our behalf.  He has never made me feel like he was bothered or weary of my calls.  I am sure he is busy with many other job duties as well as other customers, yet he has always been willing to answer questions, walk me through the required logic, and even called me back to follow up on how I made out with the issue at hand.”



“We have had further interaction with the guys at Nanotech since we bought the machine and have benefited greatly from it. You are almost certainly aware of this. You work with a great bunch of guys and for a great company.”

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